Why is there no real discussion on the subjects of real importance these days?

You know, things like: poverty, hunger, illiteracy, homelessness, joblessness, the lonely, the aged, the afflicted, foreign aid, a plan for alternative energy, the national debt, runaway spending, and why we’re at war…

Ad Hominem has completely replaced our national discourse.

Ad Hominem is a fancy word for a PR tactic that means “against the man” in Latin, but essentially means “change the subject”.

In other words, if your ideas can’t hold up on their own merit, then change the subject, and attack the man (any man, all the men) who won’t go along with what it is you want to do.

There’s one word that will help us focus on the real problems confronting our nation.


Respect for elders. Respect for our neighbors. Respect for the other guy. Respect for ourselves. Respect for the truth. Respect for our world.

Let’s do it then…

And let’s start by completely removing Ad Hominem as a tactic to quash any thoughtful discourse.

Everyone would learn how to recognize it in their middle-school civics classes, and would know it when they see it…, and then they’d call out the perpetrator whenever the tactic’s used, like you do in bullshit bingo.

“Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Ad-Hominem Bingo.”

The Respect Ordinance

We could create a new law: “The Respect Law”; it’d be a codified ordinance, and it’d be the same as getting a speeding ticket from one of those traffic cameras.

It would apply to all of our public officials, and anyone paid to report news on television. If someone, or someone working for them is caught “in Flagrante Delicto” of Ad Hominem, they’d be fined…, let’s say $1,000 to start out. With the fines getting progressively worse for repeat offenders.

Also it’d be a “progressive fine” meaning that the more money you have and the bigger the lie, the more you pay. It would be a type of “real reality” television that would become a segment and a staple of our nightly news that would be overseen by an independent authority; maybe Mark Burnett (the producer of “Survivor”).

Offenders would have to pay for their fines out of their own pockets, and wouldn’t be able to use any PACS, campaign, or slush funds.

The Advertising Industry currently has a system in place to create affadavits for all the national and local spot advertising; to ensure that a paid advertisement runs the way that it should.

We could take advantage of an infrastructure that’s already in place, and the independent authority, let’s call it the “Administration of Correctness” (as opposed to “Political Correctness“), would be compensated from a per-incident fee from the fines.

What about [the first amendment]?

I can hear people now saying: “What about the First Amendment?” You know, the right to free speech?

Well maybe we should amend the amendment to protect the people from leaders with a penchant for prevarication. Amend the First Amendment to read: “Congress shall make no law […] abridging free speech as long as it’s not a material lie…” [emphasis added]

There would be no exemptions. It would apply both domestically and internationally, including national speeches which are based on faulty intelligence.

And all the money generated from “The Respect Law” would go directly to pay off our national debt.

This is a great idea, because based on the way things are going, we’d be able to pay down the debt in no time.