Here is an updated graphic of the Republican Party Platform 2012.

Here is a link to a .pdf of the actual GOP2012 Platform.

With all this nonsense about slicing and dicing the American Public, the 47% vs. the 53%, we’re losing sight of a major opportunity.

The Republican Party is in freefall because (a) most politicians, especially Republicans–due to the corrupting influence of money–are out of touch with the American Public, and (b) they’re completely lost sight of the big ideas that make this country great.

We are bound together

The basis of our society is the social contract.

I place my person, as you do yours, under the authority under the supreme direction of the general will embodied in the laws of the Constitution of the United States, and we together receive each individual as an indivisible part of the whole, our civil society. 

Personally, I liked President Obama’s assertion that “There is no Red State, no Blue State… just the United States.” It’s why I voted for him.

It’s why I am a Republican for Obama.  In the words of Charlie Crist, “I did not leave the party, it left me.” I left it the election after George H.W. Bush dared us to read his lips. So now I’m an Independent, but I still self-identify Republican even if it is more of bull-moose progressive variety.

For the simple reason that I believe in my heart that “Everybody is somebody” and that “Working together we can accomplish anything.”

Unfortunately, there’s a group of people — I don’t know if you can actually call them Republicans anymore; certainly not the GOP of my great-grandfather’s day — anyway, there’s a group of people, who are not happy having their own, they want what’s yours and mine too.

It’s not fair… in fact, it’s traitorous. Through their obstructionism and every underhanded trick in the book, they have deprived *everyone* in this country the right to the government that *we the people* voted for fairly and squarely in 2008.

As I said, I used to be a member of this party, and I did not leave them, they left me. Now for the next 47 days, we have the opportunity to influence them to change their tune, or we have the opportunity to vote them out. I hope you will strongly consider voting them all out!

The new “litmus test” should be “Do you want to want to work together to fix problems, or do you want to create more of them?” Anyone who is not a fixer should be voted out. We’ve got too much at stake. Our children are depending on us to get this right.

You see, we the 47% are not dependent on the government. The government is dependent on us — the 100%. It derives its power from us: “We the people.”

We have the power, working together, to restore a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

There’s one word that will solve all our problems. “Respect…” Respect for elders. Respect for our neighbors. Respect for the other guy. Respect for ourselves. Respect for the truth. Respect for our world.

For all the above reasons, if I had my druthers, there are two things I’d like to see added to the platform while there is still time before November:

  1. An Amendment to Overturn Citizens United,
  2. Reinstate Glass Steagall.

Let’s work together and restore respect of people, Democracy, and firm financial footing to this land that I love!

I’d like to hear from you!

What do you think of the GOP Platform for 2012? How well do you think Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan are doing selling this to the American Public?